Stay Aware of Your Physical Health Needs with a Preventative Health Exam in Richfield, MN

An adult preventive health exam is an appointment that provides preventive services, counseling, education, and disease screening based on your age and gender. It is sometimes referred to as an annual exam, yearly checkup, or physical.

What is included within this visit?

  • Review of your complete medical history
  • Medication review (bring along all prescribed and over the counter medications/supplements)
  • Weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Physical exam
  • Age and gender appropriate screenings such as depression, colorectal, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, mammography, cervical cancer, alcohol and smoking assessment, and hearing screen

Your physician may recommend other services such as additional lab tests, immunizations, or imaging. Please check with your insurance provider about coverage for these services.

You may also have other concerns that you want to discuss or have addressed. These services may not be considered part of you preventive exam and may require an additional charge.

  • New concerns such as back pain, abdominal pain, or wart/mole removal
  • Current chronic conditions that need further evaluation, management, or treatment

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