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Patient Portal FAQ

MyChart – Our Online Patient Portal

What Is MyChart?

MyChart is secure Internet access to an electronic version of your medical record. MyChart is designed to enhance your medical care by giving you better access to your Richfield Medical Group medical record information.

How Do I Get MyChart Access?

You can receive MyChart access by signing up at your next visit or by calling us at 612-861-1622.

Login to MyChart

What Do I Do with the Access Code and Instructions?

Your access code is a unique identifier you will use with your Social Security number and date of birth to log in to MyChart for the first time. These codes require the correct use of upper and lower case letters, so please enter them accurately. Your access code will expire 30 days from the time it is generated. During your first login, you will be prompted to create a MyChart ID, password, and authentication question and answer. Your new password must contain at least 8 characters, up to a maximum of 18 characters. Your password also must include one number and one letter. Once you have created a MyChart ID and password, your access code becomes obsolete. You will need to use your MyChart ID and password, each time you want to use MyChart.

How Can I Change My Password?

On the MyChart home page, click to the Change/Update section to change your password.

May I Access My Children’s Medical Records?

Yes. You are granted full authority by proxy to access your child’s medical chart if your child is between the ages of 0–12. If your child is between the ages of 13–18, you will be granted partial access to his/her medical record. These age ranges comply with state regulations designed to protect minors who seek treatment for pregnancy, chemical abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. For further information on access to your child’s medical records, please contact the release of information staff.

What Is Secure Messaging?

Through a secure, encrypted email system, you and your healthcare team may contact each other. You may send a message to your team at your clinic through “Request Medical Advice.” Your team will respond within two business days. Test results also will be sent to you through the secure messaging system. You’ll be notified at the email address you provide that you have a secure message waiting.

Note: This is not to be used in emergency situations. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Call the MyChart support system phone number 1-855-513-5513 for the following:

  • Help with password resets
  • ID changes
  • Disabled and deactivated accounts




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