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Pediatric Doctors in Richfield, MN

Looking for a pediatric doctor near you? Richfield Medical Group offers top-tier primary healthcare in Richfield, Minnesota.

Best Pediatric Doctors in Richfield, MN

We recognize that each child is unique. Our family doctors take the time to understand your family medical history, lifestyle, and vision for your child’s health during our new patient intake process. Our team’s patient-centric approach allows our physicians to then tailor your child’s healthcare to fit their specific medical needs and desires for your family.

We promise to care of your child in sickness and in health. Following our commitment to preventive healthcare, our physicians encourage routine wellness check-ups and physical exams for all children. Richfield Medical Group makes a distinct effort to ensure that your child is seen by a pediatrician during each well child visit at our clinic. Our pediatric healthcare team prides itself in our communication before, during, and post appointments. We pledge to work with you to meet your family’s needs and health goals.

Richfield Medical Group offers a wide variety of medical services at our Richfield, Minnesota location. Select the option that best applies to your family.

Richfield Medical Group of Minnesota

For more than 50 years, Richfield Medical Group has proudly served the individuals and families of Richfield, Minnesota. Our team is made of local talent. Our clinic hand-selected highly respected health care providers to care for our community. In addition to primary care doctors, our team has grown to include a social worker, care coordinator, triage, pharmacist, hearing specialist, and administrative staff. Our patients can attest to the warmth and respect they experience when they enter our clinic.

Richfield Medical Group offers comprehensive care for community members of all ages. Our primary care team makes concerted efforts to establish long lasting relationships with our patients and their families. We consider your family medical history and your specific medical needs to provide the best care for wellness or chronic and acute illness. Richfield’s unique patient-centric approach to primary care has earned its reputation as a leading health care clinic for families in the Twin Cities metro area.

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