Preventive Care in Bloomington


Preventive Care in Bloomington for the Whole Family

Make Your Physical Health a Priority

At Richfield Medical Group, our goal is to keep you healthy. That’s why we encourage individuals and families to schedule preventive care in Bloomington. Regular checkups help patients stay up to date on general health screenings, get the immunizations they need and identify potential health issues early on.

Our approach to healthcare is patient-centered. That means you are the primary focus at our clinic in Bloomington. We work hard to support all of your healthcare goals. The best way to help us do that is to keep communication lines open with our clinic during preventive care visits and beyond.

Even if you haven’t been to a clinic in awhile, we encourage you to schedule your appointment with us now and put your healthcare needs first. Our providers in Bloomington look forward to working with you.

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Regular preventive care empowers patients, helping them take charge of their health, stay up to date on immunizations and catch symptoms of illness before they worsen. We offer comprehensive preventive care and individualized treatment plans in Bloomington for the whole family.

Our preventive care services in Bloomington include medication review, a physical exam, a medical history examination and other screenings such as high blood pressure tests and hearing screens. Our exams are entirely focused on your needs and health goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our Bloomington preventive care services or to book your appointment.