Do I Need to Come to the Clinic to Get a Prescription?

Much has changed in healthcare administration in the past few years. While in-person care is the standard for certain procedures and consultations, many services can now be provided virtually. Offering the best care possible will always be our top priority, but some things can be handled differently than they were in the past to accommodate changing lifestyles.

As a family practice, visiting our clinic is the most effective way to build direct connection with our team. Telehealth appointments are another avenue through which we can administer the proper care you deserve. However busy your schedule may be, we have a variety of solutions that make taking care of your family and getting your prescription simple and easy.

Same-Day Appointments

You will need to schedule a visit and see one of our providers to get a first-time prescription. However, this is simple to organize: you can even visit us the same day.

Our same-day appointments are a way in which we can meet the demands of your schedule while maintaining the level of care you expect from your healthcare provider. If you are already a patient of ours and you experience a non-emergency situation, you can make an appointment to visit the clinic as soon as you notice the issue. During your appointment, you and your provider will determine if getting a prescription is the best course of action for you.

Refilling Your Prescriptions Is a Breeze With MyChart

If you have an existing, renewable prescription with us, you can get your next round easily by logging into MyChart through our patient portal. From here, you can request a refill. We recommend that you do so a week before you run out of your medication. This is for two reasons: firstly, it may take your pharmacy up to 48 hours to have your refill ready for pick-up. This gives you plenty of lead time and avoids any lapse in getting your prescription. The second reason we recommend you request your refill a week in advance is that in some instances, your physician may want to see you again before approving another refill.

Even if a follow-up consultation is not required, you can still schedule a telehealth appointment with a physician if you have any questions regarding your prescription before refilling.

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