Preoperative Exams: What You Need to Know

When you learn that you need surgery, it can feel overwhelming and mentally challenging to prepare for the procedure. In addition to mental preparation, it is important to ensure that you’re in optimal physical condition to reduce your risk on the operating table. Before you schedule your surgery, you’ll meet with a clinician for a preoperative exam evaluation to prepare for a safe and successful surgery. 

What Is a Preoperative Exam?

A preoperative exam helps guide your clinician and surgeon with all the necessary information to care for you before, during, and after your surgery and recovery. It screens for underlying health problems that could make surgery unsafe or for conditions that should be treated prior to surgery. It also provides crucial information for the surgeon about any pre-existing conditions that should be monitored preoperatively. All of these factors are vital to ensure that your operation is safe and successful. 

What’s Included During a Preoperative Exam?

Every preoperative exam is different, and depends on your medical history and the type of surgery you need. Usually, the clinician will aim to complete the following:

  • Document the condition or need for surgery
  • Assess patient’s health status
  • Discover previously unknown complications
  • Determine risk factors
  • Reduce chances of a problem
  • Educate patients about the surgical procedure
  • Develop a post-operative care plan
  • Reduce time of hospital stay

For some patients, a specialist referral is necessary after the exam. For example, patients who have new or complex heart conditions are often referred to a cardiologist.

Schedule a Preoperative Exam with Richfield Medical Group 

If you have an upcoming surgery, consider scheduling your preoperative exam at Richfield Medical Group. We look forward to serving all of our patients, and we remain here for you as you prepare for your surgery. 

We’re available for in-person visits and we are also able to provide some services to you via telehealth delivery. This means you can call or video chat with us and we will provide health care services to you. Please call our clinic at  612-861-1622 or visit us online at

DISCLAIMER: Not all medical issues can be addressed virtually, such as preoperative exams, and at our discretion we may recommend an in-person evaluation after a virtual consultation.