The Rise of Telehealth Services

While telehealth technology is not new, COVID-19 has rapidly increased the adoption rate among the healthcare industry. In a recent survey by Merritt Hawkins, a physician search company, results revealed that the use of telehealth services has catapulted since the COVID-19 epidemic. This shift in health services is a catalyst for changes in the industry including accessibility, visibility, and technological advancements. 

Transforming Healthcare through Telehealth 

Telehealth services have tremendous potential of not only bringing clinicians and patients closer but also improving the industry as a whole. All of these transformations increase the convenience, safety, and comfort of healthcare services for patients and healthcare professionals alike. As the demand for telehealth services increases, we’ve seen improvements in the following areas: 


  • Remote Device Technology: Bringing patients and healthcare professionals together to ensure an accurate remote diagnosis.


  • Telehealth Service Platforms: These platforms are increasingly secure, providing higher quality connections, images, and audio that make the virtual consultation on par with an in-person visit, and more convenient.


  • Video-Consultation Experience: Instead of going to the doctor’s office the doctor virtually comes to your house, providing safety and convenience for the patient, similar to a home visit. 


  • Accessibility through the Healthcare Continuum: Telehealth services are extremely valuable to enhancing care in substitution for physical care. In a virtual consultation, specialists can be connected to any patients around the world, this increased accessibility allows a patient to access the best healthcare advice, regardless of where they live.

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has accelerated telehealth to a point where it’s an integral part of the healthcare systems. As we move forward, it will require flexibility and adaptability, but telehealth services will propel the industry forward by increasing accessibility, visibility, and technological advancements. 

Schedule a Telehealth Service with Richfield Medical Group 

Our services allow our patients to maintain their routines and stay healthy, no matter the circumstances. We look forward to serving all of our patients, and we remain here for you as we navigate the coming weeks together. Richfield Medical Group is here to serve our patients and community, first and foremost. 

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DISCLAIMER: Not all medical issues can be addressed virtually, and at our discretion, we may recommend an in-person evaluation after a virtual consultation.