What To Expect During a Medicare Wellness Screening

Getting regular check-ups is an important part of maintaining your physical health. In the past, people only used to visit their doctors when they were sick, but that trend has changed. Preventative health care is becoming commonplace. People are becoming more health conscious and many are eager to take a more active stance in managing their health. 

There has never been a better time to preemptively seek medical advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is why scheduling Medicare Wellness screenings is so important. Read on as we explain everything you need to know about them.

What Is a Medicare Wellness Screening?

Once you enroll in Medicare, you are eligible to receive a Welcome to Medicare Wellness visit within the first 12 months. An annual wellness screening is a yearly appointment with your primary care physician. When you come in for your Medicare Wellness screening, you can expect the following:

  • Complete review of your medical and social history
  • Depressing screening
  • Fall risk screening
  • Blood pressure, height, weight and BMI check
  • End-of-life planning discussion
  • Education, counseling and a referral based on results of review

Your Annual Medicare Wellness Visits Are Important

After your first visit, you should continue attending Medicare Wellness screenings on a yearly basis. You will find that these visits are similar to the initial one you had. You can expect:

  • A review and update of past medical, family and social history
  • Blood pressure, weight and BMI check
  • Depression screening
  • Screening for fall risk and ability to perform daily living activities
  • Cognitive impairment screening
  • Review of your current medical providers, such as if any specialists are involved in your care
  • Review of medications
  • Health advice covering risk factors and how to minimize them, as well as treatment recommendations

We Provide Outstanding Primary Health Care

Richfield Media Group provides in-clinic services, such as radiology, access to a hearing specialist, and of course laboratory testing and screening. In most cases, our physicians receive and review your results within 5-7 days. When you visit Richfield Medical Group, you will enjoy a collaborative, accessible healing environment. Our fun, passionate team members strive to improve and sustain your health. In most cases, the key to staying healthy is by staying ahead of the curve. That is why preventative care is so important.

Are you trying to decide which level of care is right for you? Look no further. At Richfield Medical Group, we take a personal and proactive approach to improving and maintaining our patients’ health. From virtual visits and testing to preventative care, our dedicated medical staff prioritizes the health of you and your loved ones. If you would like more information on virtual visits, primary health care or Medicare Wellness screenings, please contact us today