How To Prepare For Your First Virtual Appointment

With more and more of life taking place remotely, we’re now seeing virtual appointments being scheduled at our clinic.

This is a new opportunity for patients to get some of the same care in the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re preparing for your first virtual appointment, here are three tips to help make it go smoothly:

Write Down Your Symptoms & Prepare Questions

Be prepared to tell your clinician any symptoms or questions you may have.

When you are experiencing symptoms it is important to think about descriptive words to help share with your provider. We will want to know things like; how long, how intense, when is it worst, what helps? 

If you have a cut or rash that is bothering you, take a picture of that beforehand to show your clinician. 

It is often helpful to write any questions or concerns you have on a notepad and put it near your computer. That way, you can ensure that you’re not forgetting anything during your appointment. We want to make sure to address all your questions! 

Your clinician will always want to take into account any pre-existing conditions and to note any changes since your last appointment.

Prepare Your Medical Tools And Devices

If you have a thermometer, blood pressure monitor, a scale, or any other medical tools take any appropriate readings prior to starting the visit and have that data prepared and close by to your electronic device during the visit. The clinician may ask for data during the appointment and we can save time by not asking you to run around your house to get everything together.

Try To Find A Quiet Spot In Your House And Juice Up Your Device

Like any virtual meeting, do your best to try to find a quiet spot in your house for the appointment. This will help decrease distractions. You should also test out your internet connection prior to be sure the signal is strong enough for a virtual appointment. If you’ve had virtual meetings in the past that went well, you should be in a good position. 

If we’ve learned anything from being at home more often over the last few months, it’s that battery life is essential. Before your appointment, test that whatever device you are using is charged up and ready to go for at least an hour. Better yet, if you can have your device charging during the appointment, that will ensure that your device won’t shut down during the call!

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