Why Your Family Needs a Dedicated Primary Care Provider

It can be easy to put regular appointments on the back burner. If you and your family feel healthy, you may think there is no reason to see a dedicated primary care provider. But regular checkups with a family doctor are meant for many things, not just getting healthier. When you meet with a primary care provider, you are taking your health into your own hands. These appointments help you not just get healthier, but to stay healthy in the first place. 

This is why your family needs a dedicated primary care provider. A family doctor who knows you and your family can help treat many aspects of your health. From screenings to prescriptions to immunizations, your trusted family doctor can empower you to take care of your health and promote better lifestyle habits. Consider why your family needs a dedicated primary care provider, and how you can take your health into your own hands. 

Healthier Lives

First and foremost, having a family care provider promotes a healthier life. A 10-year study from Stanford Medicine shows that people who meet with a dedicated primary care provider regularly are overall healthier and even see a life expectancy increase. Appointments are your family’s opportunity to fill prescriptions, get health screenings and ask questions about your health. When your family regularly meets with a healthcare provider, you can receive regular and timely care. 

Preventative Care

Primary care providers can see your family for preventative care, such as vaccinations, physicals and general checkups. When your family gets regular care, even something like taking vital signs can promote a healthier life. High blood pressure, for example, can be an indicator of larger issues, such as hypertension. In addition, immunizations for children are necessary for school, as well as a healthy life. You can also get flu shots, COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters and other preventative care when you meet with a family doctor regularly. 

Chronic Care

If you need regular checkups for big-picture illness, such as hypertension, diabetes or migraines, a dedicated PCP can help. When a provider understands your family’s medical history, they can use that to guide their care and decisions. You can also work with your family doctor to catch any potential problems or changes in your health and chronic condition with regular appointments.

Convenient Care

Annual appointments with a dedicated family doctor can make healthcare more convenient. By scheduling your family’s appointments on a regular basis, you can consolidate trips to the doctor. For example, many people get flu shots in the fall. While your family is at the clinic to get their shot, they can schedule an appointment with the dedicated primary care provider and get a general wellness check at that time, too. 

These appointments are also a great opportunity to refill prescriptions or bring up any questions you may have about your health. When you know you have an appointment coming up, you may be more aware of your body and your health. Then, you can bring up any questions or concerns to your doctor more quickly. Rather than having to search for a doctor every time you or your family needs care, a primary care provider for your family can make appointments easy, efficient and convenient. 

Better Care

Finally, a family doctor will be able to deliver better care. A dedicated primary care provider will get to know you and your family. When a doctor understands your health history, they can better treat you by looking for potential illnesses or disease. Your health history is important to guide future decisions. That is why having a dedicated primary care provider who knows you and your family can make more informed decisions when treating you. 

When you meet regularly with your doctor, you won’t have to explain yourself or your history every time, either. This can be convenient and can save time during appointments. With a dedicated family doctor, you can build a trusted relationship with a provider who knows and understands your needs and the needs of your family. When you trust your healthcare provider, you will feel more comfortable asking questions, bringing up issues or symptoms you’re feeling, and your doctor will be able to treat you better overall. 

Find Care with Richfield Medical Group

Health happens. From chronic headaches to sports physicals to immunizations, your family’s health should be top of mind. This is why you need a dedicated primary care provider. A family doctor who knows your family, your health history and you can deliver convenient and dedicated health care. 

If you’re looking for a family primary care provider in the Twin Cities, consider the doctors at Richfield Medical Group. We are a patient-first clinic, dedicated to the health and care of you and your family. Our providers in the Minneapolis area are there for your family’s needs. Whether you need an annual checkup, a same-day appointment or chronic care, our team of family providers are there for you. Schedule an appointment and meet our care team. At Richfield Medical Group, we deliver primary care for the whole family, in Minneapolis and beyond.